At Rob Holdridge, DMD & Associates, we are always looking for new ways to make your treatments more comfortable. That is why we employ the STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System® when administering dental anesthesia in Wheaton, Illinois. This award-winning unit improves the experience of both patient and dentist immensely when compared with traditional anesthesia delivery systems.

Many of our patients feel nervous about the idea of needing a shot when they come in for a needed dental procedure. And it is true that traditional methods of administering anesthesia can be quite unpleasant. But isn’t the point of anesthesia to make dental treatments more comfortable, not less? We agree, and have therefore invested in our STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System unit. It combines precision medicine delivery with

One of the primary advantages of the STA system is its precision. Its unique design allows Dr. Rob Holdridge to easily administer medication in precise doses to only the specific areas where it is needed. This is accomplished through advanced computer assisting technology that is customizable to any patient and situation.

The other plus of the STA system is, of course, how happy our patients feel about it. In fact, the delivery system is so subtle many don’t even feel when we have begun using it. STA is particularly beneficial for patients who have fears about needles or injections.

If you are nervous about receiving an injection prior to dental treatment, or would like to know more about this revolutionary anesthesia delivery system, please call us at 630-668-3423. We would love to hear from you.