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You know the rules: brush twice a day, and floss once daily. Those are absolutely essential. But what if we told you there was more you could do for your oral health? As dental science progresses, new products are constantly being developed that could transform the way you take care of your teeth. Here are some new products on the market:

Sterile Toothbrush Covers: While your toothbrush sits in the bathroom, whether it’s on a stand, in your drawer or in your travel case, it accumulates bacteria you really don’t want in your mouth. These covers are clip-on caps which fit over the bristles of your toothbrush. They keep the brush clean and use active vapors to eliminate bad bacteria.

Ultraviolet Cleaners: These devices are designed to clean your toothbrush with ultraviolet rays,

Water Flossers: Approved by the ADA to clean teeth just as well as regular floss, this product uses pressurized water streams to remove microscopic food particles and plaque from in between your teeth.

Oral Rinses: These rinses are sugar and alcohol free. They fight bacteria and leave your mouth fresh all day long, and can be used for sensitive mouths and to combat dry mouth.

Whitener Strips — Within a matter of weeks of daily use, these strips can bleach your teeth white and make your smile glow. They can be used at home or on the go.

While you can find these products online and in local stores, you should talk with your dentist before adding anything to your dental hygiene regimen. If you have any other questions, you can call our office, Rob Holdridge, DMD & Associates, in Wheaton, Illinois, at 630-668-3423 to schedule a visit with Dr. Rob Holdridge.