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Not every cosmetic dentistry procedure is fashioned to only improve the look of your smile. Some can greatly the function of teeth as well. The excitement of a better smile awaits with cosmetic dentistry. The key to understanding cosmetic dentistry includes the following:

– If you are in need of a replacement for missing or lost teeth, realistic looking alternatives such as bridges, dentures, and implants can restore your smile.

– If you have serious tooth damage to a portion of your tooth and do not wish to conceal the entire tooth, dental bonding treatments can be used.

– If you are attracted to the idea of concealing and covering a tooth, dental crowns and dental veneers can help. Dental crowns conceal the entire tooth down to the gum line whereas dental veneers only conceal the front.

– If you are looking to upgrade the natural shade of your smile, try a tooth whitening treatment.

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