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In the last two decades, dental implants have come to represent a new standard of tooth replacement for patients who have lost one or multiple teeth. While in the past dental implants were only intended for single missing tooth replacement, recent years have enabled dental implant technology to be used for installing a dental appliance and replacing multiple missing teeth.

The process of restoring multiple teeth begins with our dentist examining your mouth and creating some dental X-rays so that he can assess your jaw structure and determine if previous occurrences of an advanced periodontal disease or tooth extraction have resulted in the loss of too much bone structure. If this is the case, you may need to undergo a bone graft.

The dental implant procedure also requires the use of sedation, which means you will need a friend or family member to drive you home from your appointment. We will directly access the bone by forming a narrow channel where each corresponding abutment will be placed, and then we screw a titanium implant into these areas. In time, each titanium will fuse to the bone structure to form the durability of a natural tooth. During this time, we can place temporary crowns to protect your smile.

When the abutments are secure, you can receive a custom-made dental bridge or complete denture to restore the full appearance and function your teeth for up to a lifetime. If you have lost multiple teeth in your mouth, we encourage you to contact Rob Holdridge, DMD & Associates at 630-668-3423 to inquire with Dr. Rob Holdridge about receiving dental implants in Wheaton, Illinois.