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If you wish to save your smile this holiday season, look no further than gum disease prevention. It’s always a good idea to establish a safe and effective gum disease prevention plan to help treat your smile and protected against numerous ailments that can arise especially gum disease. Knowing the risk factors of gum disease is extremely important in helping keep your smile safe.

It is crucial to always take care of your smile and your entire body. Several bad habits and lifestyle choices can increase your risk for gum disease. Risk factors such as drug use, smoking, chewing tobacco, a poor diet, a failure to attend routine oral exams at your dentist office, as well as a failure to effectively clean your mouth on a daily basis, can all increase our risk for gum disease.

Some of the risk factors for gum disease are not easily treatable, including hormonal changes that often occur in women and young girls. If you have severe hormonal swings, the risk of gingivitis developing, which is an early stage of gum disease, will increase. Furthermore, genetic predispositions and pregnancies can also raise your risk for gum disease.

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